EnQu supports decision makers, teams and organisations in finding solutions to complex problems by harnessing the knowledge of communities and the power of AI
Focus on people

Focus on people

Gather all the relavant experts and stakeholders around your most difficult problems, securely and effectively.

Remove barriers

Remove barriers

Make biases irrelevant while identifying contributions that truly make your solutions move forward

Leverage AI

Leverage AI

Navigate the insights provided by the EnQu AI engine and discover value added information quickly.

EnQu in 1 minute

EnQu in 1 minute

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Why EnQu?

Collective idea generation and decision-making processes are essential for tapping into the intelligence and expertise of a group or a team and their implementation in digital form has been proven more effective than in-person versions in scenarios such as problem solving and innovative thinking.

EnQu offers significant advantages over traditional in-person and remote methods and its adoption can lead to more inclusive, efficient, and effective processes, ultimately resulting in better solutions and increased adoption of shared decisions.

How does it work?

EnQu supports Ideation Managers through the process of obtaining input from a group of experts, a team or key stakeholders in order to 

Solve a problem

Obtain input on an issue

Make a complex decision

The Ideation Manager defines a problem or issue and then, in a few clicks, customizes the characteristics of the ideation process (time, length, etc) and selects the participants who will contribute. 

The process takes place in “rounds”. Each round consists of a period for submitting ideas followed by a period for commenting on and rating the ideas submitted by others. All ideas, comments and ratings are anonymous during the process. The Ideation Manager decides upon the length of the periods and whether or not to keep inputs anonymous after the process is finished.

EnQu manages all the process rounds as well as the collection, consolidation and reporting of ideas proposed, comments, reviews and ratings.

Once the process ends, a dashboard with insights on contributions, including similarity mappings among ideas (generated by its AI component), are presented for review and action.

What are the advantages?


EnQu enables participants to contribute to the ideation and process from almost anywhere and from any device (PC, Mobile, Tablet), including those with very low bandwidth connections.

Asynchronous collaboration

An important challenge for managers is to get all of the stakeholders who should provide input together, at the same time, in order to provide input. EnQu solves this by allowing users to contribute ideas and feedback from wherever they are and at their own pace, within the parameters set by the Ideation Manager. This makes it easier for participants to fit the process into their schedule and leads to more thoughtful contributions and a higher level of engagement.

Documentation and organization

EnQu automatically captures and organizes all the input from participants, making it easy to review, analyze, and synthesize information. This documentation prevents the loss of valuable ideas and insights, while also creating a transparent record of the decision-making process.

Anonymity and reduced bias

In-person brainstorming and similar activities can have sub-optimal results because they are often influenced by 

1) Whomever speaks the most and/or the loudest; 

2) Power and status dynamics; 

3) Societal prejudices regarding race and gender;

4) Past work relationships between participants (i.e. who is my friend) and 

5) Work style differences – some people needing more time to reflect on issues. 

The anonymity and self-pacing during an EnQu ideation process resolves most of these issues. This can result in a more diverse and creative range of ideas.

Enhanced decision-making tools

EnQu offers features, such as a rating   mechanism, which can facilitate more structured and efficient decision-making or evaluation processes. This can help groups arrive at more informed and balanced results, faster and with more confidence.

Real-time data analysis

EnQu provides detailed analytics of the entire set of results from the idea generation process. These insights can accelerate and consolidate the outcome of the process and increase the trust of participants in the final results.

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